Every morning I am woken up to the soft and warm touch of the sun trying to crawl its way into my room through a loop in my room curtain. What a marvelous way to get up each morning.. Getting kissed by the sun. Africa is a beautiful land. No matter what you may have heard and experienced, it is definitely one of God’s greatest creations. From luscious trees that glimmer and in the rain and shine their precious colors, to the most amazing and intelligent animals that makes our land strong and to its amazing people, who stand strong in unity and acceptance of each other. No wonder the world has so much negative things to say about Africa, they’re just jealous


It is finally the end of the first school quarter. I finally have the chance to take those deep breaths and exhale. The holidays are just around the corner. A chance to not worry about what a child is putting in their mouth or drawing on their books. I will definitely miss the bubbly lot of kids. Sometimes one would wish that adults were as honest and care free as kids are. As a teacher, you would hear every single incident that happens at home which becomes a topic of discussion the very next morning. Discussion topics fluctuate from seasons to the beach and then to what daddy did that made mommy very cross. No matter what happens at home or even what you were saying to your neighbor, you can be certain that your toddler will broadcast it at school as soon as possible.

When I think about my preschooler’s lives, I become heart-sore. The world has somehow transformed the loving family home into a home where it is normal to have 3 step dads in a row. Without therapy, this ultimately affects the child emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically. It sounds far-fetched but it is true. Most of my preschoolers have single parents, more than 2 step parents, in the middle of nasty divorces, living with grandparents and abandoned. What kind of a world do we live in if we neglect and not show the love that a child needs to develop into the next generation of leaders and family makers? How will they grow up knowing that family and love only exists partially and not all the time? People may not know about it but as a teacher, it becomes noticeable in the child’s life.

If you had the chance of reigniting that match to start the fire of love and family, what would you do first?

Love of course


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