(An)other Day

Today I feel calm and relieved. Really think this writing works. Even though I’ve got no views or reads… Well anyway God has been good. I’ve been presented with an opportunity today except for the fact that it requires me to speak in an entirely different language, one with which I’m not so familiar with let alone be fluent in. I guess there is no harm in trying. I have been trying for a couple of years now. Don’t get me wrong. The school that I am in is amazing! My first working experience will always be the best one for me. I feel at home and the people I work with are phenomenal! The parents and vibe is one I definitely live for. But I know for sure that this school is not where I am going to be forever. I know that something better is coming my way.

Just that I have no clue when this package will arrive.

For now I guess I would have to wait. Waiting is not one of my strongest forte. Patience is definitely not one of my virtues however, I do have this weird patience with children. When I look at them, my world just seems to stop and I have to focus my all on them. I have a bold course voice which sometimes sounds scary (I think) and I try to talk softly. In a child’s eyes, everything seems okay and beautiful.

What about friends? Aren’t they supposed to be keeping me in check? Well friends have come and gone. Seems like I have lost all so called my friends. From schooling years to college years. All are just a social media contact. Their excuse would be that I do not start conversations which is true, but neither do they. I don’t need to be a botheration or to have pity on. That is something I winch my eyebrows for. So I have just begun to let things be. As the saying goes

You get what you get

That is exactly what I have decided to do. One of the reason why I would love to move away is that. Find and make new relationships with different people. I am sure that there are loyal people out there.


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