Relentless. Saying the word so many times in my mind made it sound funny. Definition? Well I would say unstoppable just like my group of preschoolers when they find out I’m giving them a sweet treat. Why relentless? Basically I refuse to surrender. I refuse to surrender to the world and the trap that it puts you in. I refuse to surrender to people who need you only when it suits them. Actually i’m just tired of it.

Why a blog? I’ve been binge watching Jane the Virgin and have become fascinated with how writing helps her deal with everyday situations. She becomes so engrossed and deep into it that it reveals a rather satisfying outcome amidst all circumstances that life literally throws at her face.  Well i wanted to be like Jane (Not the pregnant virgin part) but to express and delve deep into something I have no clue about. Maybe there is someone out there who just needs a free face-lift after all that stuff has been thrown to their face.

I am the 25 year old teacher of an energetic bunch of preschoolers living somewhere in Africa, born and bred. I love my country. Most amazing landscapes, people, culture and food. Even with its glitches and struggles, you would definitely have to catch your breath by just being here.

If there was a way to define who I am, I would say a child of God

My favourite song too. Being a child of this amazing God overwhelms me with unending joy and peace. Every time I close my eyes, I smile knowing that God has my back. And sometimes I have to remind myself of that. No I am not perfect, I’m more imperfect than anyone. Being a christian does not mean I’m perfect. It just means I believe in a love so strong that not even death could even come close. I am so imperfect that this God had let his own die for me. What is that? I say its grace…

Unrelenting Gracecropped-20160701_194615


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